August 2017

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The imaging industry has been through a blistering pace of change over the last two decades or so. Just when we thought that everything had been dusted and delivered (with the advent of smartphones and mirrorless cameras), here comes another shock. The California Institute of Technology is developing cameras that will be far smaller and flatter than those used in smartphones. This camera will have no moving parts and no lenses or mirrors. In fact, the camera will be flat! The new technology uses a grid of devices called ‘grating couplers’ which function as optical antennae. The potential for photography with this new technology is extremely wide and at the same time a little scary. Will all that is promised eventually fructify? How will all the existing players cope?

Wildlife photography is a favourite amongst all our readers. This month we carry an extensive coverage of this genre of photography.

With this issue, SP joins everyone to celebrate World Photography Day on August 19.

H. S. Billimoria