June 2018


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription When film ruled the roost, all that could be done post imaging was done in the darkroom. Spending time in the darkroom was not everyone’s cup of tea. With the advent of digital, it was technically possible to ‘play’ with your images post shooting. All that you needed was a computer and a good software program. Editing an image a … [Read more...]

May 2018


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription We are now approaching the holiday season and there is no better time to take your camera along and shoot pictures whilst on holiday. Every year, more and more Indians are taking vacations and the numbers travelling abroad is also increasing at an incredible rate. In this issue, we look at travel photography and also at … [Read more...]

April 2018


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription With this issue, Smart Photography completes 13 successful years of publication. The world of photography and imaging has seen many brands, models, cameras, innovations and ideas come and go over the last 13 years, but always throughout that time, one thing has remained a constant – the monthly edition of Smart Photography w … [Read more...]

March 2018


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription Occupying centre stage this month are the 13th Innovation, Technology & Imaging Awards 2018 hosted by Smart Photography magazine along with sister magazine T3. As usual, we had a well attended function to recognise the winners who were selected by a jury formed by both the magazines. Our heartiest congratulations to all the … [Read more...]

February 2018


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription As we enter the second month of 2018, initial signs indicate that, in 2018, the industry will once again be in rude health. Trying to predict over the next 12 months sounds foolhardy but there seems to be some good news on the horizon. All the Japanese manufacturers are increasing their sales forecast figures for 2018. The … [Read more...]