The Embrace Of Nature


Ravindra K. Joisa, a resident of Bangalore, is a software engineer by profession. Along with his full-time IT job he also pursues his love of photography. An ardent outdoor lover, Ravindra has spent his childhood days in Mangalore, Karnataka.  Being in close proximity to the Western Ghats, Ravindra’s love for nature and adventure is reflected in his photography. He has worked as … [Read more...]

A Wild Life


Alan McFadyen—a Scottish photographer—took up photography in 2009. He works as a supervisor in a factory, and also runs a business that specialises in renting out hides for wildlife photography. He is always on a lookout for new subjects. Recently he has started targetting difficult and iconic species for his photography  pursuits. Most of the times, he is out in the coun … [Read more...]

The eyes that Speak


Natalia Arantseva, is an internationally renowned photographer, native to Russia but currently stays and works in Mumbai, India. Her specialisation is portraits, fashion and conceptual outdoor photography. Natalia promotes photography through various workshops she holds worldwide. Her style is vividly unique which sets her apart. Her work is published in several European … [Read more...]

Hues of Horizon


A software engineering from Kerala, Agnisoonu K. is a passionate photographer. A web designer by profession, Agni spends his leisure hours travelling into the wilderness, photographing the bountiful landscapes. He believes in making use of each and every opportunity that comes along his way. While photographing in the wild, Agni gets his inspiration from the vibrant hues of … [Read more...]

Landscapes in all its Glory


Arun Bhat is a photographer with over a decade of experience in vividly capturing subjects in multiple genres that includes travel, landscapes, studio work, real-estate, and much more. He is however more known for his prowess in travel and outdoor photography, an area in which he spends most of his time. Arun started his journey as a photographer with a film SLR camera, … [Read more...]