Micro World


Yasir Mehmood – a designer from Islamabad, Pakistan, is a passionate nature and wildlife photographer. He is a creative person and an art lover. His creative journey began in 2009 when he bought his first D-SLR – an Olympus E-410. Being a designer, he is fond of creating new colour combinations and design patterns, which he observes in insects and other tiny creatures. Says … [Read more...]

In Awe of Nature


Clement Francis is a well-known wildlife photographer from Bangalore. Since childhood, he was fascinated by nature and wildlife, especially birds. He chose wildlife photography to spread awareness about nature conservation and importance of wildlife for the ecosystem. His proficiency in photography has been appreciated nationally with his nomination for the 9th Annual Teacher’s … [Read more...]



In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity Sapna Reddy is a pediatric radiologist who currentlylives in Northern California. She is also a freelance photographer who combines the genres of landscape and portrait photography and specializes in environmental portraits. She believes that pictures can have a healing effect and her images are used to transform bare hospital … [Read more...]



          Demoiselle Crane Mital Patel is a Commercial Art graduate who loves nature. He loves capturing the beauty of nature, and specializes in bird photography. You can find his work at www.500px.com/mitalpatel Where were you born and raised? I was born and raised in Ahmedabad, … [Read more...]

Tiny Details


Kane Lew is an avid wildlife photographer who specialises in creating beautiful macro images. You can find his work at www.500px.com/DigitalBromide Tell us a little about yourself. What inculcated the love for photography in you? I’m a graduate from the prestigious art institute, Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts. I work with a Mumbai based digital agency as a Creative … [Read more...]