Return of the Pro – Epson Sure- Color P607

The Epson P607 is quite easy to use with all functions controlled with the to uch panel. The touch response is excellent and we did not face any problem operating it. Epson Layout Manager software allows you to print images efficiently by choosing either one of the preset layouts or creating a layout from scratch. This is quite useful and the process of creating a new layout does not require any expertise. We have, quite naturally, been wondering why Epson has not incorporated their ink tank system with this printer instead of individual ink cartridges. It could be argued that the ink tank system would have made the machine quite big, making it difficult to justify the size. But when you look at the print quality, you could also see that the inks used in ink tank system is not optimised for long-term storage. We feel it is a strategic decision.

The Epson P607 performed exceptionally well. We have no reasons to complain about this printer. The device could reproduce fine lines and patterns without any moire pattern. We could clearly distinguish all areas in our greyscale wedge,  and blacks density was excellent. The 607 produced a very wide colour gamut. Both subtle and deep colours were produced well. The printer is comparatively quiet. It took 4 minutes and 19 seconds to  reproduce an A4 borderless image at Max Quality setting and 1 minute and 44 seconds to reproduce it at Speed setting. Though we did not empty the cartridges during our review, we found them giving fairly good yield.

Value for Money
The Epson P607 retails at an MRP of Rs.73,609. At this price, the printer seems to be a great investment for professional photographers. |SP


FINAL SCORE                                                           87%

Design and Build Quality                                      18/20
Key Features                                                             18/20
Ergonomics                                                              17/20
Performance                                                            18/20
Value for Money                                                      16/20

• Superior build quality
• Easy to set up
• 8-colour system
• Photo/Matte Blackswitching
• Superb Print Quality
• Exceptional black reproduction

• No Ink Tanks system

The Epson SureColor P607 is one of the best professional photo quality inkjet printers available in the market. With excellent build quality, ease of setting up and use, and exceptional image quality, the device is a smart investment for professionals who need the ultimate in print quality. We wish the printer had an ink tank system because it would have made it excellent value for money.

Sujith Gopinath