King of Sharpness – Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM


The latest high-megapixel sensors require extremely high resolution lenses to get the most out of the system. Hence lens manufacturers have been challenged more than ever to upgrade their optics to match the resolution of these modern sensors. Sony’s G-Master series of lenses offer this high resolution, optimised for sensors that demand high optical resolution. The FE 24-70mm f … [Read more...]

Pocket Bliss! – Huawei Honor 5C


There is a new ‘kid’ off the block in the world of smartphones. In a shortwhile, this ‘kid’ has taken over as the third largest manufacturer just behind Samsung and Apple. This Company is the Chinese Company, Huawei. In their second quarter of 2016, Huawei had a world market share of 8.9% and is far ahead of its other competitors like Oppo and Xiaomi. The Huawei Honor 5C is s … [Read more...]

A Joy To Use – Pentax K1


The K1 is the first full-frame D-SLR from Pentax. Looking at its easy-to-use user interface, it seems to me that Pentax engineers have really put their heart and soul in designing this model. Most features, which are generally found deep under complex menu sets, are right where they should have been. The K1 is also the first D-SLR with a LCD panel that can be tilted … [Read more...]

Retouch like a Pro – Portrait Professional 15


We often see celebrity photographs with soft an  ‘perfect’ skin and wonder how they manage to get such dreamy complexion. But most often than not, behind every celebrity, there is a skilful retoucher who carefully fills the pores and masks the flaws on his/ her skin. Portrait Professional is one of the best dedicated photo retouching software available today. The Version 15 adds … [Read more...]

Expand your iPhone memory – Sandisk iXpand


Till recently iPhone and iPad have remained aloof from portable storage because of proprietary lightning connector. Sandisk found a solution with their iXpand flash drives,and the latest version packs more features. Sandisk iXpand flash drives lets you back up data on your iOS devices quite efficiently and free up precious space by storing your images and videos and letting … [Read more...]