The Challenger – Sony Alpha 6500


The Sony Alpha series has been slowly, but steadily capturing their share in the full frame mirrorless market, riding on superior 4K video capabilities. Though the Company has had quite a few products in the APS-C market as well, the cameras failed to gather the same fan following as the Alpha 7-series or RX-series premium compacts. With the Alpha 6500, Sony is trying to revive … [Read more...]

Moulting of a Camera! – Nikon D5600


Nikon has been quite strong in entry level D-SLRs even with strong competition. The D5600 is an upgrade to the D5500, with new features such as SnapBridge connectivity enabled by NFC and BlueTooth Low Energy, along with time-lapse video mode. Read on to see what the new camera has to offer. Design and Build Quality If you hide the model number from the cameras, both D5500 … [Read more...]

Treasure Chest! – Sony RX1R II


Compact cameras have already started the metamorphosis from being entry-level solutions for budget-conscious amateurs to serving as a secondary body for the professionals always on the go. Sony has been quite¬† successful in this segment with highly capable models fitting possibly all categories. The Sony RX1R II is the second generation of one of the unique products in the … [Read more...]

Tank Battle… Anyone? – Fujifilm X-Pro 2


Fujifilm had once been regarded as the innovators in imaging, though the company was trimmed of a large share of its popularity with emerging digital and mirrorless technologies. However, the brand has been luring the professionals with its retro-designed cameras and excellent lenses. The Fujifilm X-Pro 2¬† is a possible replacement to the X-Pro 1, a popular model with a strong … [Read more...]

Small wonder…!-PANASONIC LUMIX TZ100


Compact cameras are not dead! Certainly, not yet. Clever manufacturers have identified three segments of the compact camera market which cannot be touched yet by smartphones. The first is the super zoom sector where super zoom or bridge cameras have lenses extending from ultra-wideangle to super telephoto(e.g.24- 500mm). The second segment is semi professional cameras where the … [Read more...]