Canon EOS 77D


Mid-level D-SLRs usually are the most underrated of cameras. These are the price-holders for a segment of users who cannot afford the best, yet are not ready to settle for entry-level models. The 77D is a possible replacement to the 760D. Design and Build Quality The Canon 77D has a polycarbonate exterior, which feels sturdy for a midlevel D-SLR. The switches and buttons … [Read more...]

Panasonic Lumix GH5


When Panasonic launched the Micro Four Thirds System in 2008, the intention was to launch mirrorless cameras that were smaller and lighter. The decision was rightly applauded and the Micro Four Thirds mount as well as the concept of mirrorless cameras was firmly established. Since then, all the major brands have launched mirrorless cameras and competition in this sector has … [Read more...]

Repainted? – Nikon D3400


Entry-level D-SLRs are the most sought after because of their affordability, and Nikon D3000- series has been one of the best sellers. After a successful run of close to three years, the D3300 was screaming for an upgrade, and Nikon has responded by giving it a new lease of life as D3400. Let us see what are the new life-prolonging upgrades Nikon has incorporated in this … [Read more...]

The Catching up Act – Panasonic FZ2500


Panasonic has been a very strong player in compact cameras, especially with the decades of experience they have in motion picture industry. The recent trend of 1-inch sensor ‘premium’ compacts and the strong presence of arch rival Sony in this area might have prompted the response from Panasonic in the form of the new Lumix FZ2500. Design and Build Quality The Panasonic FZ2 … [Read more...]

The Blue Moon! – Olympus OM-D E-M1 II


There was a time when Olympus was literally written off by many experts with Panasonic taking the lead in Micro Four Thirds cameras. With the OM-D series, the company turned around, declaring that it still has some formidable firepower left for a fight. Combined with stunning optics in their PRO series lenses, the company once again has proven its mettle. The OM-D E-M1 Mark II … [Read more...]