Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 6-Life Saver…!

You might have had the heartbreaking experience of accidentally deleting data on your hard drive or memory card including photographs and videos. Th ere are quite a few data recovery tools available in the market, but almost none of them have the features of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. Stellar has released Photo Recovery 6, the latest in the series, which promises many improvements over the previous versions.

Key Features
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 6 is an affordable, easy-to-use, and fast data recovery tool. It can effectively recover  photos, videos and music files stored in any media such as memory card, mobile phone, hard disk drive, and USB storage. It can recover and restore fieseven from formatted memory. The latest version of the soft ware has a 30 percent faster scanning engine and a new interface. You can recover the lost files in three easy steps: Scan, Preview, and Recover. A very improtant feature of this tool is that you can recover the files with the original file names and with the original date and time, which is not possible with most other recovery tools. It supports up to 50 TB of storage space and more than 50 multimedia file types including Raw formats of prominent camera manufacturers. Another important feature of the Data Recovery 6 is that it can now preview and recover HD movie files also. Even corrupted files can be partly recovered in the form of thumbnails with the Phoenix Photo Recovery 6.

The preview files can be arranged in three different views— Cover Flow, Thumbnail, and List View, which allows you to preview the images and select only those that are important to you. For this, the Phoenix Photo Recovery 6 lists the files with the file formats in a tree view along with respective checkboxes. This allows you to recover only one type of file if necessary.D-(14_14_Stellar-Phoenix)1

The Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool is very easy to use, requiring no special skills or training. Hence the evaluation process was also quite simple. We could recover all the lost data from formatted memory cards and hard disk drives in the three easy steps mentioned above. The scanning speed was quite fast with the software previewing about 5 GB of formatted data in under 10 minutes. We tried with different memory cards and different file types including JPEG, mp3, CR2 and NEF. Though we could not compare Phoenix Photo Recovery 6 side-by-side with other recovery tools, this was much faster and efficient than other tools we have used before.

Stellar has provided detailed instructions on their website ( The tool provides free update through the Auto Update Wizard feature. The package also includes free consultation 24-hour online support, premium support, and 30-days money-back guarantee.

Value for Money
The Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 6 is available for purchase at Rs.2683.14. We would consider this a very competitive price for such a useful product. You can download the software from the website You can also download a free trial version if you are keen to try it out. But to save the recovered files, you will require a full version of the software.

+ Ease of use
+ Affordable pricing
+ Fast operation
– None

Key Features                         17/20
Ease of Use                          18/20
Performance                         17/20
Value for Money                    18/20
Support                                 17/20
Overall                                 87/100

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recover 6 is a very useful tool to recover multimedia files from virtually all types of storage devices. It is easy to install, easy to use, and versatile. Combined with an affordable pricing, the Photo Recovery 6 is highly recommended.
Sujith Gopinath