Ask Uncle Ronnie – August 2017


Going below ISO 100 When I check the EXIF data in some photographs in various magazines, sometimes the image is taken at ISO 50. I own a Nikon D5300. In it, the minimum ISO setting is 100. Is it possible to go below this ISO in my camera? Or is this possible only in high-end models? Is there any calculation/ formula for setting ISO below 100? If yes, kindly explain in … [Read more...]

Ask Uncle Ronnie – July 2017


Exposing for HDR I have tried my hand at creating HDRs but have always failed. While I seem not to have any issues while post-processing in Photoshop, I think my problem is knowing exactly how to expose for HDR. Can you help? Arun Pathak, via email For those who may not be aware, the imaging sensor in our digital cameras cannot faithfully reproduce the brightness range that … [Read more...]

Ask Uncle Ronnie – June 2017


Should I Upgrade? I am a Nikon D200 (2006 model) user, hobbyist photographer and planning to upgrade my camera with D750/810 or D500, to bridge the gap between technological advancements since 2006. However, lot of rumours floating around is causing decision paralysis for me. Below are few of them: 1. Nikon has stopped production of D810! 2. Nikon is going to release … [Read more...]

Ask Uncle Ronnie – MAY 2017


4K recording What is the exact meaning of 4K recording @ 60 fps or 30 fps, Full HD 1080p @ 30 fps or 60fps etc. Please explain in detail. Virag Sharan, Jaipur ( Rajasthan ) Almost all digital cameras today offer video shooting capabilities. Videos can be shot at the following resolutions: 1280 x 720 pixels [known as 720p, High Definition (HD)] 1920 x 1080 pixels [known … [Read more...]

Ask Uncle Ronnie – April 2017


Watt-Seconds or Guide Number? I am a student of photography. When using studio flashguns, I notice that photographers use the term ‘Watt-Seconds” to denote the power of a flashgun. At the same time, I have also noticed that the power of a flashgun is mentioned as Guide Number. Which is right and which is wrong? G. S. Ambekar, Nagpur Neither is actually wrong but I prefer to u … [Read more...]