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Did you know... Ronnie has over 40 years of experience in photography? In fact, he has taught several thousand photo-enthusiasts in various institutions and through workshops, as well as judged many national and international photo contests, including a prestigious International Photo Contest held at Colombo, Sri Lanka. So, if you have any photo-queries, whether conventional or … [Read more...]

Beginner Blues

I am a beginner to photography. I have a Canon EOS 1000D and a borrowed flashgun. Pictures taken with the flash appear unnatural and harsh even though I have tried manual exposure. The subject gets too bright and the background goes too dark. Please note that I am not technically minded. Is there a way out? D. F. Kalyaniwala, Mumbai We’ll first take the background … [Read more...]

About Neutral Density

I was going through your article HOW TO in the July 2011 issue of SP. I read an article about the use of linear polarizing filter in front of circular polarizer to make a variable ND filter. I and one of my friend tried this and found it very useful in daylight photography when needing very slow shutter speeds. But some people say that attaching two filters degrade the image … [Read more...]

Not Enthusiastic

I want my son to start photography as a hobby. He doesn’t seem enthusiastic about it. How can I induce him? He is 11 years old. Indraneel, via email A gentle reminder; I am Uncle Ronnie, not Aunt Agony! First and foremost, don’t force him, because if you do, he is likely to turn it into a prestige issue and then try to maintain that status. He will get into the game if you … [Read more...]

Forgetful Photographer

I am a wedding photographer. On a recent assignment I forgot to carry extra batteries for my flashgun and had to then shoot without flash. Obviously, the flash-less pictures look very different. I am in a fix. Name withheld on request. Write down 1000 times...”I shall not forget to carry extra batteries”.It is very difficult to prescribe a remedy as you have not sent us … [Read more...]