Nature Photography

The term ‘nature’ refers to anything that is not made by human beings, or, in other words, whatever is created by that unfathomable force we call ‘God’ or ‘Almighty’. Hence nature photography broadly relates to photographing landscapes, birds, animals,  insects, human beings, rivers, mountains, valleys, trees, etc. Nature photography  represents a challenge to document the wo … [Read more...]

Creating Exhibition Prints

Smart Photography July Issue Creating Exhibition Quality Prints Description – This is the DNG file (_DSC 5585) referenced in July issue. Please note the link - … [Read more...]


A silhouette is a shape without detail. Silhouettes are often very effective against an inspiring sky. The trouble is, whilst we can often get interesting silhouettes, we don’t necessarily get them against the sky of our choice. In such cases, using Photoshop, we can combine a silhouette with a sky of our choice. 1. Open both the images – the silhouette as well as the sky – … [Read more...]

Getting Rid of Reflections from the Face

Highlights on a face adds impact to a portrait. But very bright highlights can be distracting. The shine could be because of an oily skin, or a reflection from an electronic flash. Here is a simple way to get rid of the problem.Rohinton Mehta1. Open the photo in Photoshop . Press the F7 key if the Layers palette is not open. Make a copy of the Background by dragging the … [Read more...]

Photoshop Element Workshops

Most beginners stay away from post-processing because they think that the task is too daunting or beyond the scope of their understanding. Here is a chance to prove yourself wrong! SMART PHOTOGRAPHY offers an opportunity to all interested photographers to join the workshop and learn under the able guidance of Uncle Ronnie.The workshop on Photoshop Elements will be conducted … [Read more...]