Hills and Valleys


Tweet Kamal Khawar is a photo-artist from one of the beautiful hilly regions of India, Uttarakhand, popularly known as Devbhoomi. He was born in Pantnagar, and brought up in Almora. The beauty of Almora has left an indelible mark on his mind. He also deeply appreciates and admires the glory…

Officer’s Diary


Tweet When I was a child, we travelled a lot because my father’s profession required him to move. Whenever we travelled by train, I would occupy the window seat and look at nature’s magnificent vistas. I trained to be an IPS officer, a career that kept me excessively busy, but…

Fine Fminperessions


Tweet I am a freelance journalist, blogger, and photographer based in London, UK. I write about anything that is informative or entertaining, preferably both. I also run a digital magazine called ‘Awesome Women’ that brings news and features about women who really matter. I got into photography three years ago…

Animal Kingdom


Tweet I’m a musician and I run a music instruments store called ‘Full Volume’ in Hyderabad Since childhood, I love travelling to different places. I happened to visit Khana Tiger reserve in 2006 and fell in love with the majestic creature and the jungle. I visited several reserves after that,…

Moments from Life


Tweet My journey in the world of photography began when I was in school. I used to take snapshots with the family camera, a Kodak Brownie box. My interest grew a er my parents gi ed me a Yashica Mat medium format twin lens re ex. I soon discovered the…