J(22_2015_2014...2015-TIDBITS)2As we look ahead to a fresh year, past statistics seem to indicate the way ahead. A look at the demand scenario for the first 10 months of 2014 is revealing. The compact camera market has seen a clear decline with a drop estimated to be 25 to 30% in units for the whole year. The only segment in the compact camera market that continues to do well is the super zoom and the professional compact camera. Examples of the super zoom are – Panasonic’s FZ1000, Sony’s HX300 and Canon’sSX60 HS. Professional compact cameras include the G7X from Canon, the RX 1 and the RX 100 from Sony and the LX100 from Panasonic. In the Indian compact camera market, Nikon continues to hold the fort, while others struggle or have given up the race. Interestingly, a survey done by Nippon Keizai Journal revealed that Nikon was the most favoured brand amongst digital camera users in India.

When it comes to the battle between D-SLRs and mirrorless cameras, the scenario gets more interesting. Statistics for the first 10 months for 2014 indicate that mirrorless cameras are slowly increasing in the market
share worldwide. This is indicated in the table below:
Will this scenario repeat in India?

With Sony expected to get aggressive in the mirrorless market, it would be reasonable to expect 5 to 7% market share from mirrorless cameras in 2015.

To end, 86% of Smartphone users in the UK have tripped, stumbled or hit a lamppost or wall when distracted
using a mobile. Wonder what the figures are for India!

Happy 2015! 