Arrival of Monsoon

JArrival1Yuwaraj Gurjar is an ace photographer and avid nature lover. The SGNP that spreads across 104 sq. km is a home to many big and small, wonderful creatures. Yuwaraj has been visiting this park almost every weekend, for the last 29 years, and is still in awe with its beauty. While on his birding trips to the national park, Yuwaraj started admiring the lesser fauna which is very unusual, fascinating and goes unnoticed most of the time. He started observing and photographing butterflies, ants, bugs, beetles, dragonflies, other small insects and wild flowers. To view his collection of images of these gorgeous creatures, visit:

The gloomy month of June begins with light thunders and dark clouds floating above, sending out a signal of the arrival of monsoon. The parched soil awaits the first shower, and is ready to suck in every drop of fresh water pouring from the sky. This new season marks a fresh beginning as the aroma around us changes and the heat subsides. As we glance upon the horizon, we see the hot sun, now hiding behind thick grey puff of clouds; yet there is a mesmerizing hue of pink, red and orange in the sky. We witness this scenic portrait as monsoon arrives!

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