Hasselblad Introduces 400-megapixel Camera

Swedish company Hasselblad has created a futuristic camera — The H6D-400C MS. This is a 400-megapixel Multi-Shot camera that captures 2.4GB images! It takes a 6-shot image capture for 400 megapixel images or a 4-shot multi capture/single shot to create 100 megapixel images. With Multi-Shot capture, the sensor is moved by one pixel or half a pixel per shot via a piezo unit — the first 4 by moving the sensor by one pixel and and the balance 2 by movHassalblad H6D-400C MSing the sensor half a pixel horizontally and then half a pixel vertically. The 400MP images are stored as 2.4GB16-bit TIFF (23200 x 17400 pixels). During Multi-Shot images, the camera needs to be tethered to a computer.
However, the camera isn’t meant for everyone! It costs a whopping MSRP of $ 47,995 (approx INR 31 lakh).