Image Editing – PART 8 Replacing Dull Skies

Bad sky

Last month we saw how we could select the sky that is often seen through the trees and darken it. This month we will see how to replace a dull, boring sky.

Rohinton Mehta

We often come across scenes that we love except for boring dull skies. Sometimes the sky is just plain bald (like in the rainy season) and sometimes cloudless blue. Though a cloudless blue sky is better than a boring toneless white sky, all the same, it too can be boring. Hence we should always create an image bank of good skies. As soon as you see a good sky, photograph it and place it in your sky bank. This bank should have vertical as well as horizontally shot sky images taken at different times of the day. Remember too that the donor sky and the recipient image, both must have lighting from the same direction or else eagle-eyed viewers will know that something is amiss.

1) Open both images in Photoshopthe bad sky image and the good sky image. Ensure that the Layers panel is open (Press the F7 key on the keyboard)

2) Select the bad sky image and make a copy of the Background by dragging the Background layer to ‘Create a new layer’ icon at the bottom of the Layers Good sky panel. This will be seen as Background Copy.

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