July 2017

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When human eyes see in colour, what is it about black & white that attracts photographers to this genre of photography? The answers are many. Black & white photography can produce a richness of tone and grain that is unique and can add a dose of realism to your shots. If you are using any image editing program like Lightroom, the split toning panel and the tone curve panel can give you the mood and effect of your choice. If you are a film fan, the good news is that black & white film photography is undergoing a renaissance and old favourite emulsions like Ilford’s HP5 are seeing a resurgence in sales.

With the introduction of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) with effect from July 1, the country will take one step forward in simplifying the taxation structure. Whilst basic customs duty will continue for imported photo products, both countervailing duty and special additional duty will disappear and be replaced by GST.

H. S. Billimoria