Monsoon Photography

If you are a photographer, monsoon brings out either the best in you or the worst. It all depends on your mental make-up!


“One man’s food is another man’s poison”. The onset of the monsoon season is eagerly awaited by some while others dread this period. To some, it is the beginning of the dreary, overcast, grey days while for others, it is a time to enjoy getting wet, frolic in the rains, and cherish nature in all its glory. Photographers fall in similar categories. They either love the rains or hate them. Some pack their gear, others get ready to face the challenge that monsoon brings on.

It is true that not taking adequate care of our camera equipment during the rainy season can cause us misery – in terms of equipment failure and the repair costs. But some simple precautions, taken especially when photographing in the rains, can save the gear and at the same time, offer an opportunity for some great images.

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