My Life with Cameras: Rustom Davar

As a young kid, I watched with amazement my father taking photographs with a folding plate film camera, JMyLife1and then colouring the prints with a paint brush. The camera was a pre-war Goertz made by C.P. Goertz and Co. (now defunct).

My elder brother (elder by six years) inherited the camera, and in the fifties it was still possible to find a photo store who would cut and load film in the plate film cartridge. Meanwhile, a Kodak 620 box camera was handed down to us which was the epitome of simplicity. Load the camera with 620 film which gave eight negatives, and point and shoot! Depending on how the camera was held, you got a portrait or landscape type photo. The results were pretty good for such a basic camera, and several birthdays and family outings were recorded with it.

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