Olympus Corp. records heavy losses for fiscal 2014/15


Olympus Corp. noted a loss of 8.73 billion yen for the fiscal year that ended in March 2015. The company incurred expenses worth 53.9 billion yen.The sales of the imaging business declined by 12.9% to 83825 billion yen and posted a loss of to 13.870 billion yen. The company made an investment to develop B2B operations. It further cited reasons such as shrinking market for … [Read more...]

Canon announces camera lens optical element


Canon Inc. stated that it has developed a Blue Spectrum Refractive ( BR) optical element that will correct chromatic aberrations in camera lenses to attain superlative image quality. This offering from Canon can substantially refract blue light, which lies within the shortwavelength  range. The company creates optical elements by assessing organic optical materials, … [Read more...]

Panasonic stops production of Li-ion batteries


Panasonic Co. stated that it will halt the production of Li-ion batteries at its factory in Beijing as of August 2015 cutting about 1,300 jobs. That particular factory has been producing compact batteries for digital cameras and smartphones. Their profitability has taken a hit due to severe price competition. Panasonic runs two battery factories in China. One is in Sozhu and … [Read more...]

Exhibition brings out Monday Morning Hues


Our regular contributor Ashok Kandimalla held a solo exhibition titled ‘Monday Morning Hues’ from 11th -28th September at Hyderabad. The title takes after the wellknown phrase ‘Monday morning blues’ which connotes to work. The aim of these photographs was to give the viewer a deeper understanding of daily chores which many of the more fortunate amongst us tend to ignore. The … [Read more...]

Tamron reports higher profits


Tamron Co. declared its profits for the first six months of 2015. The company has noted an increase in its revenue by 7.5% to 35.235 billion yen. This performance has been attributed to the favourable sales of its interchangeable lenses. The company’s net profit surged by 47.1% to 2.678 billion yen, mostly, due to the acqusition of stocks of Koyu Kosan—Tamron’s founding … [Read more...]