November 2017

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It is only once in a while that a camera is launched and it creates history. Nikon and Canon have been doing it for years; Olympus did it with the OM-1 and Panasonic with the G1. Sony has now set the cat amongst the pigeons with the A9, the first professional full-frame mirrorless camera in the market. The A9 is truly an outstanding camera. Sony now needs to further develop its mirrorless system, keep the weight of its lenses and accessories in control and attract more customers through competitive pricing.

With the high standard of imaging produced by most cameras, one would be excused for thinking that anyone can become a wedding photographer. Apart from reliable equipment, a wedding photographer needs to understand exposure, have an eye for the moment and be able to empathise with his subjects. This is one area still untouched by smatphones leaving the door wide open for D-SLRs and mirrorless cameras. Wedding photography and its intricacies is the theme of this month’s SP.

H. S. Billimoria