Nightlife in Singapore – A photographer’s perspective


Antara Sharma is a software engineer by profession and extremely passionate about photography. Her passion for photography has stemmed from her undying love towards nature and wildlife, which is reflected in most of her earlier images. Gradually, however, Antara has managed to venture into travel, food and architecture photography. Her current camera gear includes a Sony A7R II … [Read more...]

Cityscapes and Skylines

Paris Cityscape at night

R Ramakrishnan is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and works with a leading automobile company. He is also a nature lover and a hobbyist photographer. He began his journey into photography with a desire to do something out of ordinary; using a simple point and shoot camera and his smartphone. His business trips often takes him to some of the most beautiful places around the … [Read more...]

Stories Around the Corner

Generation gap

Vaydehi Khandelwal is a visual artist and a documentary photographer. Vaydehi held a camera for the first time at the age of thirteen. Soon, she began her trainer in the field of photography, and by the age of seventeen she realised that she had found her calling. Vaydehi holds a master’s degree in Photography and Digital Imaging from Mumbai. She later pursued a specialised d … [Read more...]

An Expedition into the Wild


As told to Unnati Sagar A true artist at heart, Goutam Som is a marketing professional from West Bengal, India. Since his childhood, Goutam has been passionate about the art of photography and has been pursuing it seriously for over ten years. A technically skilled wildlife photographer, he has immense knowledge about the biodiversity of Eastern India. Goutam Som is also … [Read more...]

Faces of the Wild


Balamahesh P., based in Mysore, Karnataka, is a true nature enthusiast and a skilled wildlife photographer. He holds a master’s degree in physics and pursues his passion  for photography. Balamahesh has travelled across the country, more extensively, in forests of the southern regions of India. He is extremely passionate about amphibians and reptiles. His love for the wild is de … [Read more...]