Sojourn Stories


Hailing from the coastal town of Alibaug, Jaydatta Nikalje visited Mumbai, at the age of nineteen, to complete his education. It was during his visit to Mumbai that he got an opportunity to hold a camera for the first time. This turned out to be his first step towards discovering his true passion. Jaydatta has been working behind the scenes and creating social media campaign … [Read more...]

Macro Moments


An interior designer by profession, Yasir Mehmood is a passionate photographer. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, Yasir Mehmood specializes in macro insect photography. Photography, for Yasir, is one of the most important part of his life. Being a designer, he really admires the varied colour combinations and marvelous patterns of the insects he photographs. Yasir tries to capture … [Read more...]

The Jungle Book


Nishant Shah is an IT professional and a passionate photographer. Nishant’s stint with photography dates back to 2010 when he bought his first camera. The long zoom of his Fujifilm bridge camera enabled him to capture wildlife images which laid the foundation of his photographic career. Soon after that, Nishant upgraded to a Nikon D-SLR. Taking out time from his busy schedule, N … [Read more...]

Love for the Mountains


Bivash Das is an Assam based Mechanical Engineer. He fell in love with the mountains when he visited a friend in 2007, who was posted in Munshiyari, Uttarakhand. The sight of Panchuli peaks basking in the sun was etched in his memory for a long time. His numerous trips to the Himalayas have left him wanting for more. This includes the Hemkund Sahib in Uttarakhand, Kinnaur-Spiti … [Read more...]

Lost in Tranquility


Binoy Bhushan Mishra — a Kolkata based banker — is a newcomer in the field of Photography. About four years ago, he understood his liking for this art. His interest primarily lies in street and landscape photography. And in a place like Kolkata, he has captured many stories in frames. For him, photography has worked like a stress buster. He believes that a friendly smile and a p … [Read more...]