Treasure Chest! – Sony RX1R II


Compact cameras have already started the metamorphosis from being entry-level solutions for budget-conscious amateurs to serving as a secondary body for the professionals always on the go. Sony has been quite¬† successful in this segment with highly capable models fitting possibly all categories. The Sony RX1R II is the second generation of one of the unique products in the … [Read more...]

The Hero Gets a Boost – GoPro Hero5 Black


Action cameras expanded the possibilities of sports and adventure sports photography and video capture to an entirely new level that was hard to imagine a few years ago. No wonder, the tiny unit that can be mounted on virtually any surface and provides perspectives hitherto unimaginable made the GoPro an instant¬† success. The Hero5 Black is, according to GoPro, the best GoPro … [Read more...]

Tech Within your Budget – Honor 6X


Huawei has been quite proactive in launching products capable of tapping almost all segments in the smartphone market. Their Honor brand of smartphones have been quite popular, and the company has even started manufacturing smartphones in India under the Make In India initiative. Their latest innovation revolves around dual cameras that have been optimally used to enhance the … [Read more...]

A Surprise Upgrade – OnePlus 3T


We reviewed the OnePlus 3 in August 2016, and never expected another upgrade from OnePlus so soon. The OnePlus 3T, as we can perceive, has been launched to address competition with the help of the new Snapdragon 821 processor and a larger internal memory. Design and Build Quality The OnePlus 3T is built identical to the OnePlus 3, with the same unibody metal finish and … [Read more...]

The Smart Cam Bout: Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7


In 2003, when we pitted the leading five Smartphone cameras against two mid-priced compact cameras, the cameras blew the lids off the phones by a very wide margin. However, Smartphones have come a long way since, and have all but replaced low and mid-segment compact cameras. Now cameras have become the main features of Smartphones, and even hardcore photography professionals … [Read more...]