Great lens, but overpriced!-CANON EF 11-24MM 1:4 L USM


The 11-24 mm is Canon’s widest full-frame lens besides the fisheye. At its widest end, it covers a diagonal angle of 126° 05’. The Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L lens was announced in the first week of February 2015. Though primarily for full-frame (36x24mm) sensor camera bodies, it can be used on Canon’s APS-C sensor bodies too. Design & Build Quality The Canon EF 11-24mm … [Read more...]



With the ever-increasing costs of long focal length lenses, most photographers, not born with a silver spoon, opt for bridge cameras that moreor- less serve their purpose. Nikon’s latest is the Coolpix P900 – which boasts of a mind-boggling equivalent focal length from 24-2000mm! Before the Coolpix P900, the P610 with its 24-1440mm equivalent lens was the one that many … [Read more...]

For the Priceconcious Buyer-TOKINA AT-X 11-20 F2.8 PRO DX


Tokina has been known for its pro-quality optics at an affordable price. It now adds one more super-wide-angle zoom to its existing super-wide-angle 11-16mm which has been much appreciated by travel and landscape photographers throughout the world. Tokina DX lenses are designed only for APS-C sensor camera bodies, while Tokina D lenses can be used on full-frame (35mm), APS-C … [Read more...]

Capturing Landscapes with Perfection-100 Ways To Take Better Landscape Photographs


Guy Edwardes shot to fame in the United Kingdom with his nature and landscape photography. He has received appreciation at the BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year in the ‘Wild Places’ category. He also markets stock photography through a number of agencies as well as maintains his own library, which has over 1,50,000 images. His book, ‘100 Ways To Take Better Landscape … [Read more...]

On Steroids-Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark II


Olympus India Imaging launched the 16 megapixel OM-D EM-5 Mark II on 19th March 2015 in Mumbai. The new model is a replacement for the tried and tested OM-D EM-5. Olympus claim that they have improved the image stabilization system which was already considered to be the best (in the EM-5), not only for ‘stills’ but also for video. Added to this is a new feature that offers an … [Read more...]