Sensible Release – Canon Power- Shot G5x


The role of compact cameras has been almost completely taken over by smartphones, mainly due to convenience. To differentiate between a camera and a smartphone, camera manufacturers had to innovate, and the result is the segment now known as premium compacts. These are essentially compact cameras with larger-than-usual sensors (mostly 1-inch Type), wider maximum apertures and … [Read more...]

Pocket Boomer – Sony Cyber-shot WB500


Compact cameras have become smarter and more professional with larger-than-usual sensors, better processors and superior optics. This development, combined with better cameras in smartphones, have largely been able to check the success of small-sensor compacts. Yet, the prohibitively high prices of most of these ‘professional’ compacts make it out of bounds for most compact … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Compact – Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX10 II


With professional videos becoming part of compact cameras, traditional video equipment manufacturers have become the strongest players even in still imaging, especially in the mirrorless category. With their expertise in videos, Sony and Panasonic have reincarnated as leaders in the mirrorless space. The Sony RX10 II (also known as RX10 M2) is an improved version of the … [Read more...]

Holding the Fort – Canon PowerShot G3X


Compact camera sales have been on the decline owing to the onslaught of smartphones featuring capable cameras. The PowerShot G3X could be seen as a strategic release from Canon to hold the market for compact cameras Canon PowerShot G3X is a largesensor superzoom compact camera that promises to deliver superior images than most compacts in the market. With a 1-inch Type … [Read more...]

With Added Raw Power-Olympus Tough TG-4


The Olympus tough series cameras are regarded as one of the best in water-proof compact cameras available in the market. The Tough TG-4 is an upgrade to the TG-3 we reviewed in 2013. The Olympus Tough TG-4 is a compact camera capable of underwater operations. The camera is dust proof and shock proof too. Going by the published specifications, this is a minor upgrade from the … [Read more...]