Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus


A flagship phone launch is important to every company but this time, it’s more so for Samsung. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are the first flagship devices after Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note7 smartphone last year. But are the devices great enough to prove Samsung’s point that it is still the number one Android manufacturer? Read on. Design and Build Quality Let’s get this … [Read more...]

CAT S60: Tough Nut


Smartphones have evolved into specialised devices, and Android platform, with its developer-friendly features, provides an ideal environment for innovators. CAT brand of mobile phones, part of Caterpillar group, is offered by Bullitt Mobile Ltd. The device is not an ordinary mobile phone and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. The CAT S60’s main USP is a thermal imaging module … [Read more...]

Oppo F3 Plus


When majority of smartphone manufacturers were prioritising the rear camera over front, companies like Oppo focused on selfies. The bet worked in favour of the Chinese smartphone maker when they introduced the F1 series devices. Now pushing the selfie strategy further is Oppo’s latest - F3 Plus. Design and Build Quality The F3 Plus is a device that can be classified as a p … [Read more...]

Spoiled for Choice – Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL


Asus entered the smartphone space quite late, yet it carved a decent space for itself within no time. With value for money devices, the early Zenfones wooed the budget conscious customers with decent choices. The Zenfone 2 further enhanced the brand’s identity with its greatly improved camera and excellent form factor. This year, we have seen many revolutionary releases in the s … [Read more...]

Firing up the Desire – Apple iPhone 7 Plus


Apple essentially caters to a class of people who have higher disposable income and this strategy has earned them a dedicated fan following. The iPhone 7 Plus is aimed at those who form the cream even among this crowd. And Apple has done it in style this time with innovations in style and processing that will go a long way into strengthening this cult following. We published a … [Read more...]