Oppo F3 Plus


When majority of smartphone manufacturers were prioritising the rear camera over front, companies like Oppo focused on selfies. The bet worked in favour of the Chinese smartphone maker when they introduced the F1 series devices. Now pushing the selfie strategy further is Oppo’s latest - F3 Plus. Design and Build Quality The F3 Plus is a device that can be classified as a p … [Read more...]

Spoiled for Choice – Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL


Asus entered the smartphone space quite late, yet it carved a decent space for itself within no time. With value for money devices, the early Zenfones wooed the budget conscious customers with decent choices. The Zenfone 2 further enhanced the brand’s identity with its greatly improved camera and excellent form factor. This year, we have seen many revolutionary releases in the s … [Read more...]

Firing up the Desire – Apple iPhone 7 Plus


Apple essentially caters to a class of people who have higher disposable income and this strategy has earned them a dedicated fan following. The iPhone 7 Plus is aimed at those who form the cream even among this crowd. And Apple has done it in style this time with innovations in style and processing that will go a long way into strengthening this cult following. We published a … [Read more...]

With Markings of a Legend – Huawei P9


Smartphones are becoming more intelligent and are fast transforming into serious imaging devices, some times even bettering compact cameras. In fact, we see lot of technological innovation in the smartphone space with every brand trying to outsmart the other. Till about a year ago, serious smartphone imaging was confined, or rather, perceived to be confined to Apple and … [Read more...]

Selfie Redefined! – Vivo V5 Plus


Twin cameras seem to be the order of the day. While most smartphones incorporate their twin cameras on the rear, Vivo has decided to mount it on the front and market it as a selfie specialist. Design and Build Quality Most Chinese Android smartphones features the same design with cosmetic changes and the V5 Plus is no different. The phone has a metal unibody design and the … [Read more...]