Secrets to Dramatic Landscapes

We are often told that a high-end lens is the most important investment that you can make to imprJReaching2ove your photography. Would you agree? Yes? Good for you but I have some reservations! Will you see a dramatic difference in your photography if you were to replace all your mid-level lenses with top-of-the-line lenses? Difference in sharpness? Yes, certainly. But dramatic differences?

A good lens is important – more important than the camera body. I am not saying that the body is not important – because it is –but the lens is even more important. But consider this. If your new lens is twice as expensive as your older lens, you will not see twice the improvement. If you pictures are going to be small in size or meant for the web, then you may not see any improvement at all!

So then, what can you do to reach the next higher level in your landscape photography?

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