BenQ Launches Premium Photography Monitor SW320

BenQ has announced the SW320 photography monitor, a 31.5-inch 4K display with High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability. The monitor delivers a wide colour gamut covering 99% of Adobe RGB and 100% of sRGB, Rec. 709, and the digital cinema industry’s DCI-P3 colour space. The SW320’s true 10-bit IPS panel and advanced 14-bit lookup table (LUT) deliver spectacular colour quality with pre … [Read more...]

BenQ Unveils Monitor for Professional Photographers

BenQ has launched its new colour management monitor for photographers, the SW2700PT. The monitor comes feature-packed with a 27-inch QHD (2560x1440) display, 99% Adobe RGB colour space, IPS technology, hardware calibration,14bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT), Delta E≤2, Palette Master calibration software, ambient light-blocking shading hood, OSD controller and Black-and-White M … [Read more...]