Arrival of Monsoon


Yuwaraj Gurjar is an ace photographer and avid nature lover. The SGNP that spreads across 104 sq. km is a home to many big and small, wonderful creatures. Yuwaraj has been visiting this park almost every weekend, for the last 29 years, and is still in awe with its beauty. While on his birding trips to the national park, Yuwaraj started admiring the lesser fauna which is very … [Read more...]

Facebook to update its in-app camera


Facebook is all set to launch new features in its in-app camera. These new features include selfie masks and filters, similar to its rival - Snapchat. It appears to be another attempt by Facebook to out-do its rival. Facebook recently incorporated Snapchat's key feature in Instagram. This new feature called 'Stories' lets users share ephemeral photos and videos that disappear … [Read more...]

With a Longer Reach – Sony RX10 III


Sony is one camera manufacturer that has a clearly defined ‘professional’ line-up of compact cameras. The RX-series, consisting of three distinct line-ups, the RX100, RX10, and the RX1, has broken new grounds in image quality when it comes to compact cameras. The RX10 III (officially known as the RX10 M3) is an improved version of the RX10 II with an extension of 3x optical zoo … [Read more...]

A Poetic Exploration


Bobby Joshi is a world traveller and nature admirer, who is based out of Bengaluru. All not yet clicked and done, he continues to inspire people to discover more grace in the external world by capturing each image with a lot of love and passion. To see more of his work, visit photography As told to Disha Khemchandani What inspired you to … [Read more...]

A Handful of Nature


Praveen Siddannavar–a native of Belgaum, an engineer by profession and a natural history photographer by choice–loves travelling and exploring forests. He is particularly passionate about photographing tigers. Praveen is currently one of the founding members of the Indian Wildlife Conservation Trust (IWCT) and works in the capacity of Honorary General Secretary. His images and p … [Read more...]