The Hero Gets a Boost – GoPro Hero5 Black

MTheHero1Action cameras expanded the possibilities of sports and adventure sports photography and video capture to an entirely new level that was hard to imagine a few years ago. No wonder, the tiny unit that can be mounted on virtually any surface and provides perspectives hitherto unimaginable made the GoPro an instant  success. The Hero5 Black is, according to GoPro, the best GoPro ever.

The GoPro Hero5 Black can capture professional quality 12 megapixel still photos along with 4K videos at 30 frames per second. The device uses a 2-inch touch responsive display, which provides simplified controls. It is waterproof up to 10 metres without a housing, which makes it all-themore versatile. The camera has two physical buttons—one for shutter release/capture and the second to toggle between different modes such as Photo, Burst, Time Lapse Photo and Video in addition to functioning as a power button. The latter enables one-button control. The Hero5 Black also features voice control, which supports seven languages and accents. It uses simple voice commands such as “GoPro, take a picture” and “GoPro start recording” for capturing a still image and recording a video respectively. Though Indian languages and accents are not officially included, it responded flawlessly to our varying accents of English.

The Hero5 Black features stereo audio recording and advanced wind noise reduction, which is absolutely necessary for any action camera. The camera also incorporates professionalgrade electronic video stabilisation. The extreme wide-angle lens, though a desirable feature in action and sports videos and photographs, may not be appreciated all the time. The new GoPro model offers Distortion-Free Wide Angle Videos as an additional feature. If you need that extra details in extreme outdoor lighting situations, the GoPro Hero5 Black offers the flexibility of Raw image capture.

With the Hero5 series, GoPro has taken cloud storage to the next level. The Hero5 series of cameras can auto-upload photos and videos to GoPro Plus, a subscription-based service that lets you edit and share content from anywhere. In addition to this, GoPro has three apps—Quick, Capture and Splice—which makes your capture, post-processing and sharing easier. The Hero5 Black is compatible with all existing GoPro mounts (over 50 mounts available now). The Hero5 Black retails at an MRP of Rs.38,000. |SP