Edit Xpress: Get Familiar with Enhance Option


In the previous issue, we introduced the DGFlick Edit Xpress PRO, and had promised to cover more of its features in the subsequent issues. So this time, we will get familiar with the Enhance option, which has the major chunk of editing options. Essentially, Edit Xpress is aimed at album makers, and specially wedding photographers. But we are using non-wedding images to … [Read more...]

Conduct a Photo Salon with Adobe Bridge and Excel


Rajendra Prasad is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society of London and a banker by profession. He has over two decades of experience in photography. He has published several articles on photography and his images have won accolades in various photography salons. He maintains a photo blog. To know more about him, visit digicreations.blogspot.com and he can be reached at … [Read more...]

Polarising Filters


SP reader Arijit Das had requested us to explain, in Ask Uncle Ronnie, how to correctly use a polarising filter. Since the explanation is rather lengthy, we decided to have a separate write-up on it. Rohinton Mehta A polarising filter is one of the three very important filters for use in digital photography – the other two being the Neutral Density and Graduated Neutral … [Read more...]

White Balance


Setting proper White Balance (WB) is very important if you want your images to be without any unwanted colour cast. I’m sure most photographers know this and yet, either out of sheer carelessness or with utter disregard, many photographers continue to take pictures without paying due attention to this very important camera setting. In this write-up, in the form of questions and … [Read more...]

7 Must-Know BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY Tips for Beginners


Prathap is a professional nature photographer and founder of a blog called ‘Nature Photography Simplified’. His motto is to simplify every photography concept to help beginners and amateur photographers. Subscribe to his blog to get his free eBook, ‘Bird Photography – 10 Mistakes and Solutions’, which has been instrumental in helping thousands of bird photographers around the … [Read more...]