Ask Uncle Ronnie – August 2016


Confused Some months ago, when I visited your office, I showed you a photo, which you said was nice, but my friend, who is also a good photographer, said it was not nice. Now I am confused. Vishnu S. G. via email Friends usually do not give their honest opinion for fear of hurting your sentiments but if your friend has criticised your photo, (and you say that he is a good … [Read more...]

Late Evening


Our Imaging Expert No one can take a picture that everyone likes. But, almost every picture can have scope of improvement. Often, we are not our best critics, while others can immediately point out the faults. In If I were you, our expert comments on how your pictures could be taken to another level. E-mail your images at Rohinton … [Read more...]

Bruce Craig’s Monsoon Rig


In response to the June 2016 issue of Smart Photography (page 43, A Monsoon Query), SP reader Bruce Craig has sent us details about the rig he has made to photograph in the rains. We thought that some DIY SP readers might want to make one for themselves. This is what Bruce has to say: “This is my umbrella rig. I fabricated an umbrella handle holder using PVC sheet stock and t … [Read more...]

Photographing in the Rain


Most photographers are ‘fairweather’ photographers. They consider the rainy season as the time to pack up their photo gear and stay at home. They are afraid that if they use their equipment during the rainy season, the equipment will be damaged. I think it is reasonable to think that way, but with some care and common sense, it need not be so. In my opinion, the rainy season can … [Read more...]

Monsoon Photography

Bhandardhara , Satara , Maharashtra

A skilled photographer and a biodiversity expert, Amit Rane has travelled extensively across the Indian subcontinent for more than 18 years. He has brilliant photography skills in all genres of wildlife photography including bird photography, mammal photography, landscape and macro photography. He is a trained herpetologist and loves reptiles. An avid traveller and writer, Amit … [Read more...]