Image Editing – Part 2


In the January 2017 issue of Smart Photography, Rohinton Mehta will share with you the basics of image editing. He will use Photoshop tools to process the following image. You can download the image and work step-by-step, using the guidelines mentioned in the article, to edit it. … [Read more...]

Weekend Project: Create Psychedelic Art!

Smart Photography has been continually receiving requests to start a basic course for beginners. With this in mind, we have asked a very knowledgeable photographer from Hyderabad, Andhra  Pradesh, to take over writing these articles. We have also requested him to be as jargon-free as it is possible, so that newcomers to photography feel comfortable to pursue the hobby.The … [Read more...]

Speed King!-Silicon Power 32GB CF Card

Silicon Power claim to be the world’s leading manufacturer of flash memory cards, USB flash drives, DRAMS, and card readers. With headquarters at Taipei, and branches worldwide, it is the first company to announce a lifetime warranty for memory cards. These CF cards are available in 16, 32, and 64GB capacity. This First Look looks at the 32GB CF Type 1 card (Type 1 cards are … [Read more...]

A Photographer’s Best Friend!-Slick Pro 500DX

Tripods, without an iota of doubt, are a photographer’s best friends. Your most expensive super-duper high-end lens, used hand-held, cannot provide the biting sharpness that is possible using a good tripod. Tripods also allow you to frame your subject better, frees you from the nagging worry of fuzzy pic-tures, and lets you concentrate on your shooting.This First Look takes a … [Read more...]

In a Flash!-Kenko Flash Meter KFM-2100

The Kenko flash meter KFM-2100, like all flash meters, is basically an incident light meter, but like most flash meters it also reads ambient (avail-able) light. It is designed to measure the very brief duration of electronic flash (normal light meters cannot do that). It can also be used to measure flash reflected off the subject.BasicsBut first, what’s ‘incident’ light? Inc … [Read more...]