ISO ‘Invariance’


Huh? What’s that? Never heard of it? That’s okay. First, let me say right here, that this is not an easy topic to explain but at the same time, it is important. Some cameras today are ISO Invariant or close to ISO Invariant. So what does that mean? Note: 1) In trying to over-simplify things, some of the explanations may not be 100% technically correct. 2) Pictures must be … [Read more...]

Secrets to Dramatic Landscapes


We are often told that a high-end lens is the most important investment that you can make to improve your photography. Would you agree? Yes? Good for you but I have some reservations! Will you see a dramatic difference in your photography if you were to replace all your mid-level lenses with top-of-the-line lenses? Difference in sharpness? Yes, certainly. But dramatic … [Read more...]

Monsoon Photography


If you are a photographer, monsoon brings out either the best in you or the worst. It all depends on your mental make-up! “One man’s food is another man’s poison”. The onset of the monsoon season is eagerly awaited by some while others dread this period. To some, it is the beginning of the dreary, overcast, grey days while for others, it is a time to enjoy getting wet, fr … [Read more...]

Portrait Lighting


Why do we take portraits? The question may appear a bit silly to some but the basic reason to take portraits is to create a satisfactory likeness of the person being photographed , to convey his/her character and at the same time, be artistically pleasing. Rohinton Mehta To be a good portraitist, the photographer should be able to read and bring out the character of the … [Read more...]

Image Editing – PART 6 : Changing Image Size


Earlier issues: Part 1: How to set-up Photoshop for optimum performance (December 2016) Part 2: Setting the optimum screen resolution on your computer; What are you looking for from Photoshop?; Using ‘Levels’ the wrong way; using ‘Levels’ the right way; The Tool Box; Using the Ruler Tool to straighten tilted horizon (January 2017) Part 3: ‘Curves’ (February 2017) Part 4: Cleani … [Read more...]