Image Editing – PART 5

Rohinton Mehta In part 5 of this ‘Learning’, we shall see the power of some ‘Blending Modes’ that Photoshop offers. To ‘blend’ is to mix. Here we are talking of an effect that is created when a ‘Layer’ blends or mixes with the one/s under it. Using the right blending mode, we can lighten or darken an image or even increase the contrast. Let’s take a simple example. You may do … [Read more...]



Smart Photography reader Ullas George from Cochin, Kerala, sent us this photo of a glass bottle and wine glass. For the benefit of other SP readers, we asked him to let us have the lighting diagram, which could help others to try and experiment with similar products. |SP Rohinton Mehta … [Read more...]

Image Editing – PART 4


Let’s first recap what we learned in the earlier issues about image editing: Part 1: How to set-up Photoshop for optimum performance (December 2016) Part 2: Setting the optimum screen resolution on your computer; What are you looking for from Photoshop?; Using ‘Levels’ the wrong way; using ‘Levels’ the right way; The Tool Box; Using the Ruler Tool to straighten tilted horizon (J … [Read more...]

Image Editing – PART 3


In part III of this series, we shall see how to use ‘Curves’. ‘Levels’ and ‘Curves’ do the same thing – adjust contrast, and thereby, indirectly, adjust the dynamic range – though Curves does it in a more refined way. Curves is also a bit more difficult to use, as compared to Levels. But we won’t let that come in our way. We will also do some further editing if necessary to enha … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect


We saw on Facebook, a very interesting picture by Debraj Chakraborty. For the benefit of our readers, we requested him to write to us and explain how he went about capturing such a beautiful image, and Debraj happily agreed. This picture reminds us what Ansel Adams once said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. Thank you Debraj for sharing your creativity. Here’s what he … [Read more...]