Beyond Expectations – Yongnuo YN685

The YN685 worked as it promises. The flash unit recharged in approximately 3 seconds as promised after a full discharge. The flash proved very powerful, and it was easy to control the output. We tested the speedlite with the Canon EOS 6D camera and it was easy to configure through the camera. The flash provides seven channels and three groups for better interoperability while using it in Master-Slave configuration.

We fired over 50 shots at full power about 20 ft from the subject without the thermal cut-off coming into effect. This makes it good for wedding and other functions. It is also significant that the heat dissipated quite fast.

Value for Money
The Yongnuo YN685 retails at US $109 on B$H Photo Video. We can realistically expect an indicative price to be around Rs.11,000. At this price, this flash is good value for money. |SP


FINAL SCORE                                                                                            85%

Design and Build Quality                                                                           16/20
Key Features                                                                                                18/20
Ergonomics                                                                                                   16/20
Performance                                                                                             17/20
Value for Money                                                                                      18/20

• Powerful flash
• Feature-packed
• Thermal cut-off
• Firmware Upgrade via USB
• Great value for money

• Loose-fitting mounting shoe

The Yongnuo YN685 Speedlite is a competitive flash unit for Canon systems. This powerful device incorporates all advanced features that you are likely to use. Certainly a Best Buy.

Sujith Gopinath