Canon EF-M 22mm f/2.0 STM: Movie Mate

The lens focussed quite fast with the
EOS M5. Autofocus was near-silent and precise. The lens produced
pleasing, rounded bokeh.

During the test, we kept all lens correction options on since all EOS M cameras are equipped with these options and we expect people to use these features. We observed very slight darkening at extreme corners at f/2, but too little to be seen in ordinary images. It almost vanished at f/2.8. The lens did not show any discernible distortion. The 22mm STM produced slight flare along with mild ghosting and purple fringing at f/2. As expected, flare decreased on stopping down the lens, but surprisingly, ghosting increased.

We found the images to be lacking in critical sharpness most of the time. You might not feel this under normal sizes, but if you are a stickler for sharpness, this lens might disappoint you. F/2.8 to 11 produced the best sharpness. However, we were unable to determine the sweet spot since the results were quite close.

Value for Money
The Canon EF-M 22mm f/2.0 STM lens retails at an MRP of Rs.15,995. This price appears quite competitive for this lens. |SP


FINAL SCORE                                                                        80%

Design and Build Quality                                           18/20
Key Features                                                                     17/20
Ergonomics                                                                     17/20
Autofocus                                                                                      4/5
Sharpness                                                                                      3/5
Distortion control                                                                         5/5
Aberrations                                                                                    3/5
Darkening of corners                                                                   4/5
Extra features                                                                                 3/5
Sub-Total                                                                             22/30
Value for Money                                                                   6/10

• Compact
• Light weight
• Fast Autofocus
• Quiet operation
• Pleasing bokeh
• Close focussing ability

• Lacks in critical sharpness
• Heavy flare and ghosting

The EF-M 22mm f/2.0 STM lens is one of the best prime lenses you can get for the EOS M series cameras. The lens is ideal for videos with fast autofocus and near-silent operation. The lens produces images sharp enough for nonprofessional work, but the professionals who do not like to settle for the second best may not like it. Recommended.

Sujith Gopinath