In a Flash!-Kenko Flash Meter KFM-2100

The Kenko flash meter KFM-2100, like all flash meters, is basically an incident light meter, but like most flash meters it also reads ambient (avail-able) light.

It is designed to measure the very brief duration of electronic flash (normal light meters cannot do that). It can also be used to measure flash reflected off the subject.

But first, what’s ‘incident’ light? Incident light refers to light falling on the subject (as opposed to light reflected off a subject). In its incident mode, you place the meter at the subject position, facing the flash/light source. The meter tells you (in terms of EV or f/stops) the amount of light falling on the subject.

But again, is there any advantage in measuring incident light? Yes, there certainly is. A reflected light meter is pointed at the subject (all in-camera meters are reflected light meters). The meter reads the light reflected off the subject, but also reads the light reflected off the background. Hence the brightness in the background has a lot of say in the meter reading. If the background is bright, the meter will give a reading that will underexpose the principle subject in front. If the background is dark, it will overexpose the foreground subject.

So, how does a incident light meter help? By virtue of its design, an incident light meter cannot read the brightness of the background and hence it is not influenced by the background brightness.

The Kenko KFM-2100 Flash Meter can meter a flash in its incident light mode and also meter the flash using a spot meter (reflected light mode). The meter’s viewfinder display shows a small circle which should be aligned with the part of the subject you wish to meter using the reflected light mode. Again, since the metering circle is very small, it is not affected by the brightness of the background. This results in very accurate readings. The meter can be operated using the AMBI mode (for ambient light measurement), CORD mode (when metering flashlight using a sync cord), and NON CORD mode (when measuring flash without the sync cord). Another useful feature is that the meter can display the quantum of available light in the flash exposure. This permits the user to see how changes to the shutter speed affects the proportions of the flash light and ambient light. The meter can also be used for ambient light metering for movies.

The Kenko KFM-2100 Flash Meter is available at an MRP of Rs.50,000. It operates on a single AA type battery and weighs 185g. For further information, please contact: IMS Mercantiles Pvt. Ltd. Contact person: Mr. Amit Saraf. Tel: 011-47074444 E-mail:
Rohinton Mehta