Enchanting Vibes

Flying boat in Dawki, Meghalaya

Born in Tamil Nadu, India, Vidhya Thiagarajan is the founder of Butterscotch Creations LLP. Vidhya moved to Bangalore, 15 years ago to pursue her engineering degree and currently resides there. A Master of Business Administration, Vidhya has worked in the corporate sector for over a decade. It has been around eight years since she started her journey in photography. She is a … [Read more...]

Cityscapes and Skylines

Paris Cityscape at night

R Ramakrishnan is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and works with a leading automobile company. He is also a nature lover and a hobbyist photographer. He began his journey into photography with a desire to do something out of ordinary; using a simple point and shoot camera and his smartphone. His business trips often takes him to some of the most beautiful places around the … [Read more...]

Faces of the Wild


Balamahesh P., based in Mysore, Karnataka, is a true nature enthusiast and a skilled wildlife photographer. He holds a master’s degree in physics and pursues his passion  for photography. Balamahesh has travelled across the country, more extensively, in forests of the southern regions of India. He is extremely passionate about amphibians and reptiles. His love for the wild is de … [Read more...]

Black & White: A Perspective


Born in Bareilly, India, Dr. Pankaj Sharma has been involved in the field of art photography for more than 20 years. A monochrome photography aficionado, Dr. Pankaj Sharma’s stint with photography dates back to 1990s when he got his hands on his grandfather’s camera, an Agfa Click III. Pankaj Sharma used this classic gear on a trip with his family, where he tried to click a few … [Read more...]

Postcards from Heaven


Inderjit Singh resides at nation’s capital, New Delhi. Being a defence kid, Inderjit has spent most of his childhood, moving to different neighbourhoods and cities of India. As this became a pattern, it ignited the passion of travelling in him. Making new friends along his way, Inderjit loves to travel to varied places and explore diverse cultures. He spent his early years of c … [Read more...]