Manfrotto Lykos LED Light – Bicolor


For macro and close-up photography, electronic flash has always been the choice of illumination for most photographers, especially when working in low ambient light. With the advances in lighting however, LED lights provide an alternative source of illumination with certain advantages not found with electronic flash. When using electronic flash, reflections from various … [Read more...]

Canon Speedlite 320EX-Covering the Midfield


Those who are into portraiture, would swear by the lighting possibilities that flashguns offer. This could be the reason why flashguns are comparatively expensive for the type of utility they off er. Canon offers three types of flashguns. The top-of-the-line ones such as the 580EX can burn a hole in your pocket, and the low-end ones could prove ineffective in many situations. … [Read more...]

Beyond Expectations – Yongnuo YN685


D-SLR speedlite units are premium accessories that professional portrait and wedding photographers cannot live without. Though many photographers swear by using natural light, a dedicated flash unit, whether cameramounted or remotely triggered, can be a very useful tool when you need absolute control over the lighting. The Yongnuo YN685 is a high-power speedlite dedicated to … [Read more...]



Digi-Cabi Key Features: • It is a dehumidifying cabinet that gives you complete control over Relative Humidity, thereby saving your photo equipment from fungus • Available sizes: 40, 60, 80, 100, 200, 250 and 350 litres. Also available in horizontal version • Available with one year guarantee, at a fraction of the cost of your priceless equipment Manfrotto Digital Direc … [Read more...]



Venus Photo Books Key Features: • Printed on HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press • Available in medium glossy, silky, super glossy, soft touch, glass HD super glossy/silky (NTR), coated pearl, deep leather, special texture film, metallic-M, pearl coated, heavy super glossy and heavy glass HD super glossy Venus Eco Photobook Key Features: • Printed on HP indigo WS 6000p Digital … [Read more...]