Darkroom Simplified – Corel PaintShop Pro x4

Image editing software have become an essential part of a photographer’s life, whether he is an advanced amateur or a professional photographer. Corel had been a pioneer in the field of image editing with their PaintShop Pro software. But of late, the software has lost out to Adobe Photoshop in popularity. Here is the latest from Corel, the PaintShop Pro x4, which, the c … [Read more...]

Rapid Recall – SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-1 Card

You are in a sports, photo-journalistic, or wildlife situation. You are expecting the unexpected; finger on the shutter release button, all senses alert. Then it happens. And you squeeze off a long continuous burst for that once in a lifetime shot. The first few frames are okay; then the firing rate slows down and eventually locks the camera. You decide to take advantage of … [Read more...]