Speed King!-Silicon Power 32GB CF Card

Silicon Power claim to be the world’s leading manufacturer of flash memory cards, USB flash drives, DRAMS, and card readers.

With headquarters at Taipei, and branches worldwide, it is the first company to announce a lifetime warranty for memory cards. These CF cards are available in 16, 32, and 64GB capacity. This First Look looks at the 32GB CF Type 1 card (Type 1 cards are 3.3mm thick; type II are 5mm thick, eg. Microdrives).

The most important consideration when buying a memory card is its ‘read and write speed’, which is mentioned with an X after a numerical figure. Generally, we say that the write speed is more important because this determines the maximum speed at which your camera can record images. 1X is considered to be a write speed of 150 kilobytes per second. This means that the Silicon Power 600X card in question can read/write at 90MB per second, which is really very fast!

The Silicon Power 32GB CF card offers the ultimate speed required by professional photographers. The card is said to have a built-in Error Correcting Code to detect and correct transfer errors. It is RoHS compliant (a directive of world-wide restrictions on hazardous substances). It is claimed to use less power and hence could help prolong battery life. The MRP of this card is approximately Rs. 12,999.

Note: So that the reader is not mislead, it is important to understand that a ‘fast’ card is not going to speed up your shooting unless your camera too is capable of ‘writing’ fast.

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Rohinton Mehta