ISO ‘Invariance’


Huh? What’s that? Never heard of it? That’s okay. First, let me say right here, that this is not an easy topic to explain but at the same time, it is important. Some cameras today are ISO Invariant or close to ISO Invariant. So what does that mean? Note: 1) In trying to over-simplify things, some of the explanations may not be 100% technically correct. 2) Pictures must be … [Read more...]

How to Select and Darken Sky like a Pro


We often wish to darken the sky in a landscape photograph – only the sky. Sometimes, we can accomplish this by selecting the sky using a simple tool like the Magic Wand or the Quick Selection Tool and then with the sky selected, we merely use Levels or Curves to darken the selected area. Things get difficult however, if there are projections rising into the sky (like trees) and … [Read more...]

Image Editing – Part 2


In the January 2017 issue of Smart Photography, Rohinton Mehta will share with you the basics of image editing. He will use Photoshop tools to process the following image. You can download the image and work step-by-step, using the guidelines mentioned in the article, to edit it. … [Read more...]

Remedy for Over-sharpening

Digital imaging offers us some amazing facilities which we did not have in the film era. We often get carried away using these new ‘toys’, and then, we tend to over-use them or use them in an inappropriate manner. Take for example, the facility to ‘sharpen’ a not-so-sharp image in Photoshop. Before we proceed, let me remind you that there is really no way to sharpen a photo t … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Put off By Gray Skies!

With the rainy season ‘on’, dull gray or nearly white skies are common. This shouldn’t put you off your photography spree because it is very easy to add colour on to dull gray/white skies. You can use a good sky from another photo, or select an appropriate tone for the sky from within the original photo.If you wish to copy the sky from another photo:1. Open both the photos in Ph … [Read more...]