Useful enhancements-Photoshop Elements 13

J(16_2015BG_Useful-enhancements)2Adobe released the Photoshop Elements 12 a year ago, which adopted some of the advanced features form Creative Suite versions. The new version, Elements 13, has been put together with amateur and casual photographers in mind, enhancing the social media-focussed features and improving the automated processes. With the professional version of Photoshop moved to a subscription-based service, the Elements comes as an aff ordable, yet full-featured image editing suite for the budget-sensitive photographers. Even the advanced photographers and editors who do not need CMYK support can opt for the Elements version.

Key Features
Th e Elements 13 interface has not changed from the previous version. In fact, the subtle changes are hidden within the menus. The organiser remains identical with provisions for importing images from Smartphone and edit and share your Elements Mobile Album. You can categorise each image into Media, People, Places, or Events and quickly view them using the respective tabs. It allows you to do quick edits by correcting parameters such as colour and contrast right from the Organiser screen.

The Elements 13’s Photomerge mode has been enhanced to include Photomerge Compose, which allows you to create a new image by combining diff erent images. This feature automatically matches colour and lighting of the various elements, thus creating a seamless image. The Auto-crop suggestions feature suggests four options for cropping. You can either choose one of the four or crop the image the way you want it. The eLive view is your window to the world of beautiful images. Here you can access expert tips, tutorials and articles. The Create tab provides an additional feature, Facebook Cover, which allows you to easily create a Facebook cover photograph using  built-in templates. The Guided Edit feature guides you to creatively edit your images with fewer clicks and adjustments that normal. The Edit and refine selection options allow you to nudge the borders of a selection to make fine adjustments without having to re-draw the selection path. The Elements 13 also adds support for HiDPI monitors (Windows) and Retina Display (Mac). The expert mode has also been enhanced by adding 19 new effects. Content aware fill feature has been enhanced to provide more accurate results. This feature intelligently fills the space occupied by an unwanted element in the photograph with the background. Adobe has also added features such as Scrapbooking (which was not available for all countries and  locales) and Scrubby slider to change the font size when Type tool is selected.