Land of Gods


Born and brought up in Mumbai, Ruby Aderbad works with an MNC and is an avid traveller who likes to digitally capture memories. Talking about her love for the mountains and her recent trip to Spiti, she says, “Every time I’m in the vicinity of these massifs, I’m humbled by their sheer beauty and power. I have tried my best to encapsulate and epitomize the beauty of this place th … [Read more...]

Casting A Spell


An aspiring landscape photographer based in Pune, India, Abhishek Deopurkar is a SAP consultant by profession. He tried his hand at photography a few years back, and in no time it turned into his passion. Motivated and inspired by nature, Abhishek is a lover of beautiful lights and stunning landscapes. For Ahishek, photography is a way of expressing his artistic emotions. It … [Read more...]

Stories Around the Corner

Generation gap

Vaydehi Khandelwal is a visual artist and a documentary photographer. Vaydehi held a camera for the first time at the age of thirteen. Soon, she began her trainer in the field of photography, and by the age of seventeen she realised that she had found her calling. Vaydehi holds a master’s degree in Photography and Digital Imaging from Mumbai. She later pursued a specialised d … [Read more...]

Mighty Macros!


Based in Mumbai, India, Soumendra Mukhopadhyay is an engineer by profession and a passionate photographer. His love for nature and an eye for creativity helps him capture the mesmerising beauty of wildlife through his camera. Soumendra specialises in Macro photography and his work has been appreciated and acknowledged by various renowned magazines and online forums. To view … [Read more...]

Concrete Compositions


Sukumaran Menon is a Bangalore-based Foundry Consultant by profession and a hobbyist photographer. Although he has been photographing for several years, it is only since 2012 that he started pursuing his hobby seriously. “Photography helps me express myself and provides an opportunity to look at life through various perspectives”, says Sukumaran. Abstract, heritage architecture … [Read more...]