World of the Wild


Alankar Chandra is the CEO and Co-founder of Wild Voyager, a travel startup offering carefullycurated journeys to exotic natural and wild heritage sites at locations around the world. He is also a widely published wildlife photographer and has co-founded Wild Voyager with other natural history photographers. Alankar’s work has been featured in national and international p … [Read more...]

Up-close with Wildlife


Sajid Aboobaker is a former senior designer, currently residing in Kerala. Over the years, Sajid’s passion for photography has grown into a serious hobby. He conducts photography workshops and takes classes in schools and colleges. Along with various well-received solo exhibitions, Sajid is a recipient of many accolades for his brilliant work in the field of p … [Read more...]

A Picturesque Flock


Parvinder Singh Anand hails from New Delhi, the capital city of India. As a child, Parvinder was immensely fascinated with nature and wildlife. His fascination found a new direction when he bought his first SLR camera. He started pursuing photography as a hobby during his teenage years and his camera became his constant companion. Parvinder’s love for nature and wildlife p … [Read more...]

Nature’s Spell


Chinmay Bhat— an entrepreneur based in Bengaluru— loves to travel, meet new people and see new places. He loves to capture them in stills, and from this, stems his love for photography. Unexpected composition, colour, mood and tone draws his attention to a picture. His favorite genre is landscape  photography. To get a grasp of this genre, Chinmay has spent hours watching tuto … [Read more...]

Vibrant and Unrivalled

A bright LED

Sivaguru Noopuran is a hobbyist photographer from Bangalore. Inspired by his father’s work (landscapes and abstracts from the film SLR days), Noopuran has been pursuing photography since past 7 years. His passion towards nature and wildlife drew him closer to his hobby and he started photographing his encounters with nature’s marvels. Noopuran describes photography as ‘painting … [Read more...]