Manfrotto Lykos LED Light – Bicolor


For macro and close-up photography, electronic flash has always been the choice of illumination for most photographers, especially when working in low ambient light. With the advances in lighting however, LED lights provide an alternative source of illumination with certain advantages not found with electronic flash. When using electronic flash, reflections from various … [Read more...]

An essential accessory – CAMOLINE Lens Cover


A lens cover is an essential accessory for your lens, especially when heading out on photography tours. Safari ridesin dusty wildlife parks or in the vast expanses of a desert, boat rides on rivers or lakes, photographing shore birds on the beaches or a Pelagic trip off the coast, a walk through dense forests, or snow-covered peaks in search of the elusive snow leopard – all t … [Read more...]

The Hero Gets a Boost – GoPro Hero5 Black


Action cameras expanded the possibilities of sports and adventure sports photography and video capture to an entirely new level that was hard to imagine a few years ago. No wonder, the tiny unit that can be mounted on virtually any surface and provides perspectives hitherto unimaginable made the GoPro an instant  success. The Hero5 Black is, according to GoPro, the best GoPro … [Read more...]

Tech Within your Budget – Honor 6X


Huawei has been quite proactive in launching products capable of tapping almost all segments in the smartphone market. Their Honor brand of smartphones have been quite popular, and the company has even started manufacturing smartphones in India under the Make In India initiative. Their latest innovation revolves around dual cameras that have been optimally used to enhance the … [Read more...]

Camoline Lens Stabiliser – Camoline Lens Stabiliser


The most common cause for unsharp images, especially when using long focal length/ heavy lenses, is, camera shake during exposure. No one appreciates a fuzzy image, unless it’s done for a particular effect. To counteract this problem, one can use a sturdy tripod, but unfortunately, there are times when a tripod is just not practical. Tripods, though useful, can  often be a pain … [Read more...]