Tech Within your Budget – Honor 6X


Huawei has been quite proactive in launching products capable of tapping almost all segments in the smartphone market. Their Honor brand of smartphones have been quite popular, and the company has even started manufacturing smartphones in India under the Make In India initiative. Their latest innovation revolves around dual cameras that have been optimally used to enhance the … [Read more...]

Camoline Lens Stabiliser – Camoline Lens Stabiliser


The most common cause for unsharp images, especially when using long focal length/ heavy lenses, is, camera shake during exposure. No one appreciates a fuzzy image, unless it’s done for a particular effect. To counteract this problem, one can use a sturdy tripod, but unfortunately, there are times when a tripod is just not practical. Tripods, though useful, can  often be a pain … [Read more...]

Pocket Bliss! – Huawei Honor 5C


There is a new ‘kid’ off the block in the world of smartphones. In a shortwhile, this ‘kid’ has taken over as the third largest manufacturer just behind Samsung and Apple. This Company is the Chinese Company, Huawei. In their second quarter of 2016, Huawei had a world market share of 8.9% and is far ahead of its other competitors like Oppo and Xiaomi. The Huawei Honor 5C is s … [Read more...]

Expand your iPhone memory – Sandisk iXpand


Till recently iPhone and iPad have remained aloof from portable storage because of proprietary lightning connector. Sandisk found a solution with their iXpand flash drives,and the latest version packs more features. Sandisk iXpand flash drives lets you back up data on your iOS devices quite efficiently and free up precious space by storing your images and videos and letting … [Read more...]

Light and Stable Support – Vanguard VEO AM-264TR


Monopods are convenient options for photographers who are always on the move and who are reluctant to lug around a tripod. Another reason to keep a monopod with you is the convenience that it offers in terms of fast setting up and the ability to use it in cramped spaces. The Vanguard VEO monopods are specially made for photographers on-the-go. The Vanguard VEO AM-264TR is an … [Read more...]