Ask Uncle Ronnie -March 2017


A Mixed Bag During the days of film photography, we used to get film with various ASA (50, 100, 125, 200, 400 etc) and we used to adjust the aperture and the shutter speed, depending on the lighting situation. 1) We were able to take pictures of moving subjects (like birds etc) at shutter speeds of 1/125sec or 1/250sec at apertures like f16 or f/11. 2) We could change the … [Read more...]

Ask Uncle Ronnie – February 2017


Flat-field lenses Sorry if this has been asked before but I am a newcomer to photography. I have just started to pursue wedding photography. What are flat-field lenses and how do they differ from ‘normal’ lenses? Is there any advantage of one over the other? Please explain in very simple terms because I am not technically minded. S. R. Sardesai, Amravati Since you are sta … [Read more...]

Ask Uncle Ronnie – January 2017


Ask your question to Uncle at Which AF Points? I am using a Nikon D810. I generally use the Group AF for photographing birds. This works well most of the time, but sometimes I feel that the images (especially of small birds) are not as sharp as I would like. Any suggestions? Arthur S. via email.  The Group AF, as the name suggests, is a cluster … [Read more...]

Ask Uncle Ronnie – November 2016


Zarwani Waterfalls The attached picture is of Zarwani waterfalls at Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. Please provide your expert advice and tips to further enhance the picture by post processing. Manish Sitlani, Vadodara There are two basic ways to photograph waterfalls – (a) the way you have done it, by using faster shutter speeds to freeze the water, or (b) by using slow s … [Read more...]

Ask Uncle Ronnie – August 2016


Confused Some months ago, when I visited your office, I showed you a photo, which you said was nice, but my friend, who is also a good photographer, said it was not nice. Now I am confused. Vishnu S. G. via email Friends usually do not give their honest opinion for fear of hurting your sentiments but if your friend has criticised your photo, (and you say that he is a good … [Read more...]