Travel and Photography

Travel and photography go hand in hand. One without the other is like playing cricket without the ball....No famous person said that; I just made it up!Rohinton Mehta Most people love to travel. Curiosity is a facet of human nature. The need to know about other places and what other people look like creates this urge to explore. We want to know more about other cultures and … [Read more...]

To the Wayfarer

A serious photographer is constantly on the lookout for pictures that will make him stand out from the rest. His mind works like a darkroom, mentally developing pictures and looking for ways to enhance them. The hesitant beginner usually has the “lack of picture opportunity in the vicinity” excuse. This article deals with using “the eye” and how it helps you find images, even in … [Read more...]

Strong Basics, Superior Images

We at Smart Photography would like to sincerely acknowledge the entries we receive from our readers for the Picture of the Month. Most of the entries sent in are praiseworthy for the effort invested, and the photographer’s eye for detail and timing.We maintain that learning is a constant process and hence it always leaves room for improvement. With this in mind, we selected f … [Read more...]

Double Process Your RAW File

Getting detail in the sky as well as in the ground in a landscape shot can often prove difficult. The problem is compounded when the light is contrasty. It is possible to double process your RAW file and then blend the two images to get details in the sky as well as the ground. Many users of Photoshop find it difficult to obtain a good, natural-looking join where the sky and … [Read more...]