January 2018


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription 2018 is likely to be an extremely important year for the imaging industry. The next twelve months will hopefully have the answer to many questions that are facing the industry today, like - • What is the future of the camera industry? Will we see growth again? • Will film and film cameras make a comeback a la turntables? • Wh … [Read more...]

December 2017


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription At a time when digital SLRs are being challenged worldwide for market share by mirrorless cameras, along comes a new D-SLR that sets new standards and attains new heights in image capture. Yes, the new D850 from Nikon has come out at the right time for a company that has not had the best of times in the last 2 years. To see how … [Read more...]

November 2017


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription It is only once in a while that a camera is launched and it creates history. Nikon and Canon have been doing it for years; Olympus did it with the OM-1 and Panasonic with the G1. Sony has now set the cat amongst the pigeons with the A9, the first professional full-frame mirrorless camera in the market. The A9 is truly an … [Read more...]

October 2017


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription Have you ever wondered why our country continues to fail to attract foreign tourists? Smaller countries like the UAE and Singapore get more tourists than India. A site like Stonehenge in the UK gets more tourists than India does. What is the reason? We are a vast country with lots of different cultures, festivals and colours. … [Read more...]

September 2017


For Online Subscription Digital Subscription Sure enough, the introduction of the much debated Goods and Service Tax (GST) has caused a flutter in the industry and set a cat amongst the pigeons. Prices were supposed to remain stable or go down but have actually gone up for most photography equipment. The reasons are very clear. All cameras in India are imported and whilst … [Read more...]