Return of the Pro – Epson Sure- Color P607


Epson professional photo printers are arguably the best in the world in terms of image quality. These printers offer cutting edge technology and can print on a variety of surfaces. The Epson SureColor P607 emphasises even more on accurate colour reproduction and seems like a possible replacement for the R-series printers. Design and Build Quality The Epson SureColor P607 is … [Read more...]

Fine-tuning Required – Canon Pixma E560


Canon has established itself as a complete imaging company with capability to manufacture sensors, processors, lenses and cameras along with printers and scanners. On our test bench we have the Pixma E560 home multifunctional device. At Smart Photography, we have been very strict about our review requirements and hence have always insisted on reviewing only serious … [Read more...]

Podium Finish-Canon iP8770-Canon iP8770


Canon has introduced their latest inkjet photo printers in the A3+ range, and this promises to take economy (say, ink consumption) to the next level. The Canon iP8770 brings up the second line or semi-professional line of photo printers, just behind the PRO-series printers that are bulky and feature more than six individual inks to achieve better finesse in colour … [Read more...]

A Game Changer-Epson L1800


Epson has finally honoured our wish to have an A3-plus version of their popular ink tank printers, known for their cost-effective printing. The L1800 is a six-colour ink tank printer that is expected to replace third party ink feeders from small studios and home-based studios. Let us see how the printer performs. Design and Build Quality The Epson L1800 is well built and is … [Read more...]

LG Pocket Photo – Printing gets Smarter


Smartphones, Smart Tablets, Smart Watches, Smart Cameras – looks like the whole gadget world is turning smart. Most of the smart gadgets in the market now sport high-resolution and feature-filled cameras. So LG’s decision to come out with a pocket printer for these smart gadgets is certainly laudable. The LG Pocket Photo printer can reproduce 50 x 76mm (approximately 2 x 3”) … [Read more...]